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Puzzle Dozer

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Puzzle Dozer is a challenging strategy/skill game featuring a complex physics engine.

The aim of each level is to move all wooden boxes into specially marked areas using a small caterpillar dozer.
While doing so, one must always keep an eye on the fuel display and the many dangerous and tricky items.

Prove your skills in various environments, including the wavy high seas and orbital stations in zero gravity!

Note: iOS4 required on iPhone 3GS/iPod 3G

Design, Artwork, Sound FX and Coding by Thomas Wagner
Music by Moritz Horvath


Read about the reception of Puzzle Dozer:

- Named in article (largest german newspaper) on place 3 of the most popular iPad game apps! (Feb. 1st 2011)
- iPad "Game of the week" on the App Store in 11 countries (CW 4/5 2011)
- Placed #1, #2 and #3 in Overall Paid iPad App Charts and Paid iPad Games Charts in several countries

Desktop version featured in "Popular Puzzlers" section on the Mac App Store, got featured on the in *New and Noteworthy Overall*, *New and Noteworthy Games* and *What's hot*!

Rated "good" by App Store Arcade:
"The levels are creative and for only a buck its worth a try from any puzzle fan"

Game Instructions:

Use your dozer to move all boxes into the right place. Each level is completed as soon as all wooden boxes are located precisely within the red-white-marked fields.

Control the dozer using the displayed gamepad button fields.

Make use of the different game objects (like explosives, mechanics, fuel tanks etc.) to achieve this goal. But also keep the precious boxes away from any dangerous items!

If a single box gets damaged, your mission has failed.
Also, if you run out of fuel or if your dozer gets destroyed, the game is over.

  • Use shockwaves of detonations to move remote boxes
  • Some moving gears can crush objects
  • Push your dozer towards walls to align it exactly into 90 degrees angles
  • Use steel bars to lock fitting boxes into place
  • Fuel tanks are highly flammable and can also be used as explosives
  • You cannot move fuel tanks directly, but you can move other objects that will move a fuel tank
  • Create queues of explosives to bring detonations into the right place
  • While touching a mine destroys your dozer, moving dynamite onto a mine will only throw it around, but it won't destroy it
  • Use steel bars as proximity objects - they cannot get destroyed

iPhone / iPod Touch Version

iPad Version

Mac Version