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Draw physical grounds that lead Lazy Linda's shopping cart on a breakneck ride into the level exit.

Beware of angry animals and other obstacles that might get into your way - or cleverly use their abilities to speed up your trip! Collect helpful items to power up cart and cow.

Discover 60 levels, packed with many different game elements and landscapes! Win medals for great performances!

Design, Artwork, Sound FX and Coding by Thomas Wagner
Music by Moritz Horvath


Read about the reception of Cart Cow:

Featured under New & Noteworthy and What's Hot in Action and Arcade Games!
"You have to get this game! It’s crazy, tons of fun, and a blast to play over and over again."

Pocket full of Megabytes Game of the week 2/15/2011(
"It’s a simple concept that is deceptively addicting"
"Cart Cow HD is an easy and fascinating iPad game"
"It’s an absolutely hilarious game, that will have you chuckling all by your lonesome like some kind of lunatic. But who cares as long as you’re enjoying and having the time of your life – which you most certainly will.
(...) This is a must buy game (...)!"

Game Instructions:

Use your fingertip to draw lines that will lead the shopping cart of Lazy Linda right into the level exit - marked by a red flag.

Each level is completed as soon as the cow itself has reached the goal, no matter with or without the cart. Nevertheless, you'll get a higher score if Linda is still sitting inside her cart.

Don't waste too much ink, as it is limited - and, in the level exit, you will also get a special bonus for the amount of ink that is still left.

Use the many animals and some strange objects to boost your ride. Some of them simply need to be touched and some require additional actions or timing. And sometimes - they'd better be left untouched at all.


  • You can only draw in the first screen of the playing field - so a slick curve is often the only way to achieve a long and high jump over obstacles
  • Use goats to bring cow and cart back together. They may look fierce, but they are helpful items, acting like "checkpoints".
  • Sometimes, objects must push cow and cart through obstacles into the goal
  • Build narrow and slick pathways to guide the rocket powered cart
  • In higher levels, one can use alien teleporters to accelerate for a long vertical jump up in the air
  • Count the seconds after red lasers are shut off before you let the cow roll. This way, you can compare at what point of time you get the best start.
  • Often, you must stop the cart with a small blocking line to prevent it from falling over a cliff after passing the goal.
  • Use lines not only for cart and cow, but also to hold back troubling rocks or to keep trunks up in the air.
  • Use lines to guide rocks towards trunks that might stand in your way